Red Star

I believe stars are imagery
A part of stellar clusters
Of supernova’s exploding

Eight billion years old
The stars are giant explosions
Stages in the last phase of
Stellar evolution
Of sun like stars.

Astronomer’s suspect the bubble
Was carved by fast stellar winds
Blown by central clusters of stars.


Stiff One in Archives

Stiff One in Archives

Margot from the Academy of Ballet knows her position. She dances with Roland Petit’s at the Ballets de Paris, where they he began a long friendship with him. We were invited them dance in a private performance.  A bit of evocative photo into something closer to a historical document. (It’s not the first time a deshelved photo made it into ballet history.

They were the first to be photographed in America where Margot’s partner kept a stiff one for her. Now in the Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, for which she went to London to bring back Roland back to from the Royal Ballet to be her permanent dance partner.

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Why Ballerina’s Are Scared to Go Poo

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